About Us

I was working in Atlanta, GA for the week, teaching a class. I went to my favorite Southern fried chicken drive-thru for breakfast. I got my usual, sausage, egg and cheese biscuit – it was delicious! Apparently a small flake of the biscuit dropped on my pant leg that I didn’t see until I was finished eating. That small flake bled into a very noticeable, dime-size grease stain that was on my pants all day – while I was teaching! Ouch!



At that time I realized, I wear an apron in the kitchen to protect my clothes from grease and oil, why not in the car? And the more I thought about it the more I realized that we eat some of the oiliest foods in the car, and they fall on our lap instead of on the kitchen floor. I realized we need something to protect our clothing while sitting down in the car, whether driving or just sitting at the park, in-car eating needs an apron!

Then I thought, what about men shaving in the car? Don’t whiskers get caught on shirts? What about women putting on makeup? Doesn’t that drop on their clothing as well? Finally I realized, that wearing an apron while driving would actually be safer because we’re not so focused on spilling, but more on driving. The spill can be wiped up and brushed off later. And so the AutoApron was born! Now my wife and I work to continue to improve the product with great feedback from our buyers and apron-loving community.